'Becoming a childminder' briefing

This is the first step to becoming a Registered Childminder with Ofsted.


Those considering becoming a childminder 


This briefing outlines what is involved in embarking on a new career as a self-employed childminder including what training is required.

This briefing is relevant for anyone interested in finding out more about becoming a childminder, whichever London borough you live in.

This session will provide you with an opportunity to:

  1. Find out about what is involved in becoming a registered childminder, including what is required by OfSTED (which is the government department responsible for registering and inspecting childminders);
  2. Hear about the process for applying to register as a childminder on the Early Years Register; and begin to network with other prospective childminders.
  3. Find out about the courses available to you through STEEP to support you in becoming a registered childminder.


This is an information event, for which you will receive a certificate.

After the Briefing:

For those who have attended this briefing, we offer a Basic Skills assessment, so anyone considering becoming a childminder can ensure they have the literacy skills in English needed to follow a level 3 course. The Introduction to Childcare Practice is a Level 3 course and we aim to ensure course participants have the best chance to excel. The Basic Skills assessment is optional but recommended.

Presented by Rosemarie Dorgan (STEEP tutor).

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Course tutor:

Rosemarie Dorgan




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