Attending STEEP training during COVID19 lockdown

Important notice

Please DO NOT attending training if you have any of the following symptoms as you will not be admitted to the training room:

    • Fever
    • Continuous cough
    • A loss of smell or taste


If you believe you may have been in contact with someone in the last 7 days who has COVID19 symptoms, please DO NOT attending training .


Please do not attend training if you are in the governments ‘high risk’ category. Find out about these categories here


STEEP will take the following measures to assist with social distancing measures during the training:

    • The training room will be cleaned and sanitised pre and post the training event
    • All chairs will be placed 2 meters apart
    • Delegates will be provided with clipboards instead of tables to reduce common ‘touch points’
    • Windows will be left open to enable air circulation through the training room
    • Hand sanitiser as well as soap and water will be available throughout the day
    • Masks will be on sale to delegates if they would like to wear them (this will not be mandatory)

We ask all delegates to social distance during their training and we reserve the right to ask anyone who does not comply to leave.