childminder course

Introduction to childcare practice (ICP)

Certificate in Basic Compulsory Homebased Childcare Training required at Ofsted registration  

Our certificated level three programme serves as the basic training for all prospective childminders, childminding assistants, au pairs and professional nannies. This is a cutting edge face-to-face practical learning course.

On successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate in Basic Compulsory Homebased Childcare Training which is the qualification required at Ofsted Registration.

The course is run over a three/four week period based around three core group learning days (see course content below). To support you in achieving your certificate we also offer;

  • A welcome session before the course starts to meet the STEEP Tutor and fellow course participants to help you feel well prepared for this course and to set you on the road to your confident and successful completion of this block of study.
  • We also provide an individual tutorial session for course participants with the STEEP tutor to help you meet your individual needs.

Neither of these sessions is compulsory, however we would highly recommend you take advantage of them.
So you should expect your attendance to include:


  • Welcome session
  • Day one of the course


  • Day two of the course
  • Tour of EY setting


  • Day three of the course
  • Individual tutorial session

Timings for the course are 08:45 (for a prompt start at 9:00) until 16:30. You will also be required to do study at home. N.B.  Please note, we recommend you attended the pre-registration briefing for becoming a childminder before you book this course.

After the course

To support learners post course we invite you to attend our network support meetings and subscribe to our STEEP Childminder Annual Membership. Local Authority childminding support is also available to Childminders resident in Lewisham.

DAY 1: Preparing to Set Up a Homebased Childcare Business:
  • Understanding the law, developing skills for good business management, marketing your business, finance, health and safety and developing effective partnerships with parents are some of the many aspects covered during this tutor-led day
  • At the end of Day 1 participants will be set four private study tasks.  These tasks are an important aspect of the course and will focus on whether you have acquired Day 1 knowledge needed for practice.  You will need to set a minimum of  five hours for completion of these home study tasks (full resources provided) to be submitted at Day 2
DAY 2: Preparing to work as a homebased educator:
  • This tutor led day enables you to understand the characteristics for young children’s effective learning and the provision of educational activities matched to children’s interests for the attainment of their early learning goals. There will also be DVD presentations promoting related techniques towards establishing effective daily routines at the home-based setting. 
  • You will be set three home study improvement tasks, which when completed you may share at your Ofsted registration visit
DAY 3: The Early Years Foundation Stage in Action: (non-compulsory, but HIGHLY recommended)
  • This half day external learning experience takes place at the Chelwood Nursery School – rated outstanding by Ofsted.  An opportunity to observe exceptional adult/child relationships and how staff plan and promote children’s individual learning needs in the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • We then move across to attend the registered childminders network meeting at Chelwood House meeting room
DAY 4: Preparing to Deliver the Statutory Learning and Development Requirements:
  • This day introduces the critical tools childminders will use to show how young children are learning and achieving at their homebased setting.  We cover the statutory requirements as set down and engage in the practical the skills for recording, assessing and tracking every child’s learning across the Early Years Foundation Stage seven key learning areas
To achieve this course you will need:
  • to be over 18 years old
  • A real passion for young children and the drive to ensure their best outcomes
  • Sufficient understanding and use of written English for the proposed wellbeing of children in your care
  • Suitable and sufficient childcare for your own children to allow full and punctual attendance at tutor days
  • To assign realistic home study time to perform business and childcare ‘set up’ tasks’
  • To complete the course to merit certification necessary at Ofsted registration visit

Rosemarie Dorgan


The total cost of the course is £289. This includes the three full days training, plus the welcome session, basic skills test, setting tour and individual tutorial session.

What you’ll receive

Attending the programme you will receive:

  • A high quality home study programme
  • Receive learner pre-course information,  home study set reading and written assignment task (7 hours)
  •  50 hours /seven face to face tutor led training days run over 3/4 weeks
  • Home study business set up tasks
  • Tutor access and support throughout the six week programme
  • Full learning resources  to build an impressive homebased childcare
  • ‘Portfolio of Evidence’ self, parents, visitors and Ofsted registration
Payment options

We understand some people will find it easier to pay for the course over a period of time rather than in one big chunk. We therefore have two different ways of paying for the course:

  1. One payment of £289
  2. Three instalments: 
    Instalment 1 – £100
    Instalment 2- £100
    Instalment 3 – £89

You will be required to pay all three instalments before the course finishes in order to receive your certificate of completion which you will need for your Ofsted registration visit.

Special ‘bundle’ offer

If you book the following three courses as a bundle, you will receive a £15 refund of your ‘Becoming a Childminder briefing’ course fee.

– Introduction to Childminding Practice (level 3) (£289)
– Safeguarding, Duty of Care, Child Protection – for Childminders (£80)
– Paediatric first aid (£85)

NB. This £15.00 STEEP briefing fee can only be refunded once.
This offer is available when paying upfront or by instalments

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