What do childminders do?

What does a childminder do?

No two days as a childminder will be the same, however a typical day may include:

  • Taking children to and from nursery, school or other activities and clubs
  • Observing childrensu2019 learning and recording it in their learning journals
  • Creative play, reading, mark-making, storytelling, supporting early language development and helping children develop their creativity and imagination
  • Cooking with and for children, providing them with valuable real-life learning experiences and healthy meals and snacks
  • Working with other childcare professionals and parents to provide a coordinated approach to supporting each individual child

STEEP is here to help you through the process of Ofsted registration with courses and information which will put you in the best position for your Ofsted inspection.

Once you’re registered, we’re also here to help to ensure you make the most of your new business and find support among your peers. We know how important the early years of a child are, and how impactful childminders can be during this time.